Advanced lab testing services can provide you with key insights and information about your overall health and well-being. They can also alert you to potential health problems early on when they’re most responsive to treatment. Integrative health specialist Melissa Cooley, DNP, FNP, and the caring team at CoolMed in San Antonio, Texas, offer a wide range of advanced lab testing services, including metal and environmental toxicity diagnostics, salivary hormone testing, and advanced cardiovascular panels. To make your appointment, call the office or book online today.

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What is advanced lab testing?

Advanced lab testing is a blanket term that refers to a group of screening procedures used to make a diagnosis, determine treatment plans, check to see if a particular treatment is working, or monitor a chronic condition over time. 

Laboratory testing requires a sample of blood, urine, or another substance like saliva or a stool. After gathering the sample, your CoolMed provider observes it under a microscope or other diagnostic tool to gather information about your health. 

Are there different types of advanced lab testing?

Dr. Cooley and the team at CoolMed offer several types of advanced lab testing, including:

Metal and environmental toxicity testing

Metal and environmental toxicity testing identify heavy metals and other environmental pollutants in your blood. The process is quick and pain-free and involves your CoolMed provider carefully drawing a sample of blood.

Stool and bacterial testing

Stool and bacterial culture testing work to identify bacteria that cause infection in your intestinal tract and digestive system. This type of test helps your CoolMed provider separate pathogenic or disease-causing bacteria from naturally occurring bacteria found in your gut. The insights gathered can provide information for treatment and healing.

Salivary hormone testing

A salivary hormone test measures the levels of important hormones in your body like cortisol, estrogen, progesterone, and androgens. If your hormones aren’t balanced, it can lead to a variety of uncomfortable side-effects and health problems.

Advanced cardiovascular panels

Cardiovascular panels like advanced lipid testing can provide your CoolMed provider with key insights about your heart health. These measures can significantly lower your risk of serious problems in the future, like a heart attack or stroke. 

Nutritional evaluation

A nutritional evaluation measures the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals throughout your body. Your CoolMed provider uses this information to develop a medically guided program that boosts energy levels, improves your health, and helps you lose weight. 

Food allergy testing

Food allergies can negatively affect your quality of life and prevent you from consuming foods and beverages you used to love. By identifying the source of your allergies, your CoolMed provider can develop a treatment that eases symptoms and helps you feel better.

What type of advanced laboratory testing is right for me?

Only a qualified medical professional like those at CoolMed can determine the type of advanced laboratory testing that’s right for you. Following a physical exam, discussion of your symptoms, and review of your medical history, your provider can recommend one or more panels that align with your needs.

To request your advanced laboratory testing appointment at CoolMed, call the office or book online today.